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Karashibi Miso Ramen Kikanbo: Super Spicy Ramen in Tokyo



20. March. 2020

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"Karashibi Miso Ramen Kikanbo" is a 2 minute walk from Kanda Station in Tokyo, in an area known as Japan’s “ramen battlefield”.

During the ten years since the restaurant first opened it has regularly featured on television and in other media, and is quite well known to those that crave hot, spicy food in the Tokyo area. As an indication of how hot the ramen is, "Karashibi" in the name refers to "spicy and numbing" ramen (and “Kikanbo” is a demon’s gold club). The ramen here is a spicy miso ramen broth made using specially selected chili pepper and spices, combined with Chinese Sichuan peppers (giving the numbing effect), finished off with flavorful vegetables.

Read on for information about the restaurant such as ordering, access, things to be aware of, menu recommendations and so on.

Karashibi Miso Ramen Kikanbo: Super Spicy Ramen in Tokyo


  • The popular menu item “Specially Made Karashibi Miso Ramen”
  • Important points to note about ordering
  • Access / Shop Information


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