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Things to do on New Year's Eve Tokyo 2020



27. December. 2019

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There is nothing quite like enjoying New Year’s Eve in the biggest city in Japan, Tokyo. Tokyo is home to some of Japan’s best nightclubs, amusement parks, and Temples. Some of the country’s most exciting New Year’s Eve 2020 countdowns and parties will be occurring here in this busy metropolis.

You can ring in the New Year in the heart of Shibuya, party all night with Mickey Mouse in Tokyo Disneyland, or watch fireworks on a boat in scenic Tokyo Bay. Let us be your guides for the ultimate New Year’s Eve experience.

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise


  • Ring in the New Year at Tokyo’s Time Square: Shibuya Crossing
  • Join a Glamorous 2020 Countdown at Tokyo’s Most Famous Landmarks
  • Celebrate with Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, and more at Tokyo’s Amusement Parks
  • Party like it’s 2020 at Tokyo’s Hottest Nightclubs
  • Enjoy Extravagant New Year’s Fireworks from Land or Sea
  • Forget the Stress of 2019 and Relax at an Onsen
  • Get your Last-Minute Shopping Done at these Unique Markets
  • Unique Ways to Celebrate the New Year; Standing under a Waterfall or Watching Pro-Wrestling?
  • Have a happy New Year in Tokyo!



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