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What To Do In Osaka When It Rains: The Perfect Indoor Activities Guide



10. December. 2019

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If you happen to be in Osaka during Japan’s rainy season or just a bad weather spell we have the ultimate guide on how to enjoy Osaka while staying dry. Below you will find all the details on the city’s newest hot spots, most traditional shopping streets, and of course the most delicious food in the most authentic atmospheres.

Osaka is the second largest city in Japan following closely behind Tokyo, well-known for its welcoming and boisterous locals, historical sights (such as iconic Osaka Castle), and of course delicious local cuisine, much of which can be enjoyed in indoor food theme parks. Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, or Kushikatsu, anyone?

Don’t worry about the rain and head to Solaniwa Onsen, the Cupnoodles Museum, VR Zone Osaka, and many more!

VR Zone Osaka


  • Stroll through the World’s Largest Aquarium
  • Step into the Future with these fun VR Activities
  • Osaka 2019: Check out the City’s Newest Spots
  • Learn about Osaka’s Specialties at these Gourmet Museums
  • Discover the Secret of Japanese Whisky
  • Enjoy Authentic Japanese Comedy in Osaka, the Comedy Capital
  • Go Wild at Osaka’s Best Shopping Arcades and Biggest Complexes
  • Experience the History and Culture of Osaka at these Great Museums
  • Brush shoulders with Artists and Musicians in Osaka’s Underground World


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