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[Anime movie site pilgrimage] Weathering With You Film Locations



11. February. 2020

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It has been 3 years since the release of the hit animation movie "Your Name”, and now director Makoto Shinkai is back with his long-awaited latest project, “Weathering With You”.

This is a story in which a boy and girl are at the mercy of the choice of their own fates, during a time when the harmony of the weather is going crazy (which is apparently representative of our own reality under a future clouded by climate change). Hina, a girl with mysterious power that allows her to control the weather, meets a runaway boy, Hodaka, who left home to come to Tokyo. This romantic story between the two characters has exceeded 10 billion yen in box office revenue in one month, and has caused great excitement and interest amongst anime movie fans.

A pilgrimage to the real-life sites that the “Weathering With You” locations were based on is becoming a very popular outing, and in this article we’ll introduce some of those spots to you so you can enjoy some movie-inspired exploration and sightseeing of your own.

[Anime movie site pilgrimage] Weathering With You Film Locations


  • Kisho (Weather) Shrine (Koenji Hikawa Shrine)
  • Roppongi Hills Rooftop Sky Deck
  • Nozokizaka
  • Odaiba Seaside Park Observation Deck
  • Yoyogi Kaikan
  • Asahi Inari Shrine
  • McDonald's Seibu Shinjuku Station
  • Manboo Shinjuku Yasukuni Dori-Shop
  • Shinjuku Kabukicho Atami Building


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