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Mont Blanc Cake Shops in Tokyo



2. December. 2019

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“Mont Blanc” is a chestnut cake that has been loved by Japanese people for a long time, and is so popular that it can be found in most Japanese cake shops. Mont Blanc is a Western confectionery that was made in Japan in reference to the Mont Blanc confectionery found in the neighboring regions of France and Italy (the name Mont Blanc actually derives from the mountain of the same name). The cake is not actually well known outside Japan and Europe.

The Japanese version of Mont Blanc is based on a pureed sweet and smooth chestnut cream, which is presented in a gradually rising, visually appealing mountain-like form, sitting on a base made of tart or sponge. There is also an adult version of the cake which includes sake. It’s definitely something worth trying if you come to Japan!

In this article, we will introduce five of Tokyo’s best Mont Blanc cake shops.

Mont Blanc cake shops in Tokyo


  • ANGELINA (Nihonbashi / Ikebukuro / Shiodome)
  • Mont-Blanc STYLE (Yoyogi Park/ Yoyogi-Hachiman)
  • "ASTERISQUE" (Yoyogi-Uehara) 
  • à tes souhaits!(Kichijoji)
  • AIGRE DOUCE(Mejiro)


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