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A Concise Guide For Planning Your Trip To Roppongi



17. November. 2019

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Roppongi, meaning "Six Trees", is the nightlife hotspot of Tokyo. Tourists love the wide variety of bars, restaurants, Ramen, and Sushi houses in the area. Sometimes, you might get confused about where to go. In this Roppongi travel guide, we’ll list all the best things to do in this district.

Another common dilemma is not knowing where to stay. There are various accommodation options in Roppongi. You will find anywhere from backpacker hostels to high-end hotels like the Roppongi Grand Hyatt.

This is nearby two of Roppongi's main attractions - Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown. There's also the largest art museum in all of Japan – the National Art Center Tokyo. You can also attend various events at the Mori Art museum near Tokyo Tower.

There's so much to see and do that it can be overwhelming. So, here's what you shouldn't miss:

A Concise Guide For Planning Your Trip To Roppongi


  • Indulge in the Lavishness of Roppongi Hills
  • Walk Around Tokyo's Greenest Complex
  • Experience Tokyo's Nightlife
  • Eat-in a Michelin Starred Ramen House
  • Visit Roppongi's Art Triangle
  • Go Shopping at Donki (Don Quijote)
  • Experience Japanese Hospitality
  • Attend One of Roppongi's Famed Events
  • Join Various Roppongi Activities
  • Stroll Around Roppongi's Parks And Temples
  • [ Japan Route Finder & Calculator:To Roppongi]


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