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18 of the Best things to do in Hakone



26. June. 2019

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Hakone is one of the most sought-after weekend getaway destinations for busy Tokyo residents wanting to relax in an onsen (hot spring) with beautiful mountains in the background. However, Hakone is more than just an onsen town. There are many attractions, including Mt. Fuji views, modern art museums, and nature parks, just to name a few. Here's a list of the best things you can do in Hakone to help you plan your trip.


  • Plan your journey from Tokyo to Hakone
  • Getting around Hakone
  • Try the local delicacies at Ekimae Shotengai (shopping arcade)
  • Zip line at Forest Adventure Hakone
  • Hakone Yuryo: A comfortable and easily accessible onsen near Hakone-Yumoto Station
  • Fukazawa Zeniarai Benten Shrine and Hibusekannon Temple
  • Visit Fujiya Hotel, one of the oldest hotel resorts in Japan
  • Explore the family-friendly Hakone Open-Air Museum
  • Indulge to your heart's content at Hakone Kowakien Yunessun
  • Feast your eyes on fine East Asian art at Okada Museum of Art
  • Stroll around the Hakone Gora Park
  • Visit the Hakone Venetian Glass Museum
  • Visit the Pola Museum of Art in the forest
  • Appreciate local flowers and plants in the Hakone Botanical Garden of Wetlands
  • Admire the shiny Sengokuhara Pampas Grass Fields
  • Feel the power of nature in Owakudani
  • Take a pirate cruise at Lake Ashi with Mt. Fuji in the background
  • Visit the Hakone Shrine and Kuzuryu-jinja Shingu Shrine


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