The Best 5 Walk-and-Eat Food in Enoshima Island The Best 5 Walk-and-Eat Food in Enoshima Island

The Best 5 Walk-and-Eat Foods in Enoshima Island. Why Not Try Perennial and Popular Items?



The Best 5 Walk-and-Eat Food in Enoshima Island

The area around Enoshima Station is densely lined with a variety of souvenir shops and locally-specific specialty restaurants. In this section we introduce popular walk-and-eat spots, from famous places that have been featured on TV to popular ones that always have long queue in front!

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    1. The gourmet snack most closely associated with Enoshima! Every day there is a long queue of visitors waiting to buy Asahi Honten’s Tako Senbei (octopus crackers).

    There is always a long queue of tourists on the avenue leading to Enoshima-jinja Shrine … Actually what they are queuing for is the signature food of Asahi Honten: Tako Senbei, a paper-thin, crispy cracker made by pressing two or three fresh whole octopi. This is a unique snack which really brings out the rich flavor of octopus.
    You can watch the octopi being pressed and smoked in front of you! Asahi Honten also offers other impressive items, such as Kurage Senbei (crackers made by pressing kurage jellyfish).

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    2. Superb candy made by expert craftsmen—Kinokuniya Honten’s Meoto Manju (sweet steamed buns)

    Individually made with painstaking attention to detail, Meoto Manju is one of Kinokuniya Honten’s best-known confectionary products. The bean paste is carefully kneaded by skilled craftsmen. At the shop front, you can see a demonstration by the craftsmen who make the Meoto Manju.

    There are two types of Meoto Manju: one made with mashed bean paste wrapped in brown skin using brown sugar, and the other made with smooth bean paste wrapped in white skin. These freshly-made manju can be purchased in quantities as small as a single one.
    The manju tastes delicious, even when cold. Boxed Meoto Manju are also available as souvenir gifts.

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    3. Great for souvenirs! Ogiya’s Enoden Monaka are available in five different flavors

    Enoden Monaka are made with the motif of the Enoden (the short form of the name of the Enoshima Electric Railway) train; they are sold by Ogiya, a long-established Japanese confectionery which has been in existence since the 1830s–1840s. The best choice for a souvenir gift is a box modeled on the Enoden train that features all five different flavors of monaka. Not too sweet, Ogiya’s monaka is a highly recommended item even if your friends back home aren’t usually all that fond of sweet foods.

    Monaka is available in quantities as small as a single piece, but if you only buy one then you’ll only be able to try one flavor. So why not buy a set of monaka so you can try more different kinds? They sell at 10 pieces for \1,200, which is a very reasonable price for a souvenir gift.

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    4. Seaweed and yokan in perfect harmony—Nakamuraya Yokan-ten’s Ganso Nori Yokan

    Japanese confectionery store Nakamuraya Yokan-ten is located just past the Enoshima Sea Candle. We particularly recommend the Nori (seaweed) Yokan. When you bite into it, the white bean paste-based yokan mixed with seaweed gives you a gentle savor of the sea. This is definitely one of the best Enoshima specialty sweets!

    Bite-sized yokan are also available, which are perfect for a snack while you are hiking around Enoshima Island.

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    5. Crispy monaka freshly made at the shop front—Inoue Sohonpo’s Ice Cream Monaka

    The fifth building after the bronze torii gate at the entrance to Enoshima Island is Inoue Sohonpo. We highly recommend not only its signature products—Meoto Manju and Kai (shell-shaped) Monaka—but also the Ice Cream Monaka. It is perfect for eating as you are strolling along.

    Three kinds of ice cream—vanilla, matcha, and ogura—and home-made bean paste are sandwiched together using monaka wafers. Freshly made at the shop front, these crispy monaka are really delicious! You can choose which type of bean paste you want: mashed bean paste (tsubuan) or smooth bean paste (koshian).

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