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Coin lockers & Luggage Storage facilities around Kyoto Station



29. September. 2019

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There are several coin lockers scattered around Kyoto Station. The basic charge is usually from 400 to 700 yen. Your luggage can be stored for up to 3 days. (An additional charge will be applied every morning at 02:00AM)

There are some lockers that use keys, but most are electronic lockers.
→ Cash and Suica are both supported.
→ When you pay with cash, a red receipt will appear.
→ Be careful not to lose the QR code on the receipt when you take out the baggage.

Coin lockers & Luggage Storage facilities around Kyoto Station


  • People getting off the Shinkansen at Kyoto Station can use this large array of lockers near Hachijo Entrance
  • For sightseers heading to Arashiyama : JR Kyoto Station, lockers are inside ticket gate near Central Exit
  • 2 easily accessible locker locations : JR Kyoto Station front of Central Exit
  • 2 Hidden lockers : JR Kyoto Station Central Exit B1F
  • Lockers located not too far from Kyoto Station “AQUA FANTASY”
  • Lockers located outside Kyoto Station : Porta Dining
  • Free refrigerated lockers at JR Kyoto Isetan B1F
  • Introducing a service that provides information about locker availability
  • Check the "Locker Concierge" website to check locker availability for Kyoto Station
  • Use "ICOCA unused locker search" once you arrive at Kyoto Station
  • Baggage storage & delivery service at Kyoto Station (near Hachijo Entrance)
  • "Crosta Kyoto" offers baggage storage & airport delivery services
  • Use Kyoto Central Post Office's "Hands-Free Sightseeing Services" located right outside Kyoto station
  • Luggage storage & Delivery : Kansai Tourist Information Center in Kyoto Tower”
  • “Gion Sagawa Express” for Gion tourists





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