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The term "cosplay" may come from Japan, but the culture of fandom that surrounds it has become a global phenomenon. Now the largest of the festivals, Comic Con, is coming to Japan, bringing international guests, and already attracting plenty of local attention.

  • It may seem like Japan is hosting its own perpetual Comic Con, at least in Akihabara, and to some degree that’s true. There are already a host of anime, manga, gaming, and other events that mix entertainment with geekdom, but they’re mostly disparate, super niche, and catering to a small percentage of the anime-loving population of Japan.

    Now the global standard of geekfests, Comic Con, is coming to Tokyo in just a month, and it’s already making waves. Among other featured events and the Tokyo cosplay community making a showing, you can see Jeremy Renner, Matthew Lewis, and even the great Stan Lee, who at 93 is making this his first trip to Japan!

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    Where to get tickets

    The easiest way to get Tokyo Comic Con tickets is through iFlyer, which has great support in English and will get you sorted. If you want to get access to specific events it’s worth looking at the official Tokyo Comic Con homepage or facebook page.

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    How to get there

    For most of you, you want to get off at Kaihin Makuhari station for the closest access point, but it’s a bit outside of Tokyo’s downtown so you’ll want to make sure you know where you’re going. The easiest way to get there, and all around Japan, is with NAVITIME for Japan Travel, the official transportation app of Comic Con. We have over 4 million locations and the most accurate train timetables of any transport app in Japan. We’re also creating a special one-touch button just to get you to Comic Con, so no need to search around. Plus you get a free docomo wifi trial that will get you connected as soon as you land in Japan.

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    Stay Updated

    We’ll be providing updates on the event, as well as a special limited printed guide for exploring the best of Tokyo’s geek and entertainment options, so you can follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter updates in the sidebar (we don’t spam).

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