[Hiroshima / Hiroshima City] sokoiko! Peace Cycling Tour 2 Hours (Start at 11:00 AM) -A Hiroshima before, during, and after the war-

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This is a guided cycling tour that takes you on an electric bicycle and explores the story of the reconstruction of the exposed heritage and peace that remains in the city of Hiroshima. A friendly guide team living at Hiroshima will guide you as a navigator. Peace Park was originally Hiroshima ‘s number one downtown area. The appearance before the war, it had time to smile like us living in the present. Knowing that, the strength of Hiroshima during and after the war and the preciousness of peace can be seen.
sokoiko! will Hiroshima as if you were watching a movie. Come and experience a trip with a local guide that you can‘t find in a guidebook.

・ Introducing the thoughts of Year ago in Peace Park.
・ The area within a radius of about 2.5km from the hypocenter was severely damaged. We will head to the exposed heritage that still remains.
・ With a comfortable electric bicycle, you can tour the site that cannot be understood only at the Hiroshima
・ Because it is a local guide, we will take you to a local spot that you know.
Hiroshima is like now, which has become scorched earth. You can also enjoy the beautiful riverside scenery and the greenery of the park by bicycle.

[Experience flow]
Meeting → Cycling at the point of exposure heritage in Hiroshima city in the suburbs of Peace Park → End

[Experience details]
Hiroshima In addition to the Peace Park, there are many exposed heritage sites in the suburbs. Each of them has a story.
We will guide you through the power of the atomic bomb and the situation at that time while visiting the exposed heritage. Cycling is the best way to see the devastated Hiroshima Year after the war, when it has been reconstructed powerfully and has become lush, and you can actually go to the site and see it with your own eyes.
Please come and experience the Hiroshima that you cannot know from photos and books with the local staff who grew up in this city.

<Route Explanations >

[11: 00/15: 00] Meeting / Meeting

[11:05 / 15:05] Peace Park Rest House
What kind of place was Peace Park originally? I will tell you about the thoughts put into the memorial monument and the Atomic Bomb Dome and what happened at this place Year

[11:30 / 15:30] Sendamachi, Miyuki Bridge, Kyobashi River, etc.
Realistic out of the tourist areas Hiroshima strong reconstruction and beautifully revived and the city skyline from the damage received by your guide while the atomic bomb Hiroshima the city, many remain exposed heritage and Hiroshima will introduce along with the episode transmitted to.

[13:00 / 17:00] Return to the meeting The meeting place

* On the day will be presented as data
* The timetable is subject to change depending on the situation.
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          [Hiroshima / Hiroshima City] sokoiko! Peace Cycling Tour 2 Hours (Start at 11:00 AM) -A Hiroshima before, during, and after the war-

          활동 요금

          5,000 엔 〜

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