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시마 관광호텔志摩観光ホテル

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Mie Pref. Shimashi Agochoushinmei 731 (이세・시마・도바지역)

phone 0599431211

La Mer The Classic 후기

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게시일:2018/04/11 Excellent
It is my secind visirt to the La Mer classic and this time the restaurant was fully occuppied so they took us laster than normal, at 21h00. We accepted and the dinner was delicious, the beef and...
게시일:2017/06/11 鮑のステーキはMust Try
Local Abalone and Ise lobster bisque were a recommended “must try”. We ordered a six course meal that was elegantly prepared and efficiently served. At the end of our meal, the restaurant surprised...
게시일:2012/11/22 Fine cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere
The food was great (try the set menu with lobster cream bisque, beef, fish and definitely the abalone steak!), and so was the service. Best of all, you dont have to dress to the nines to dine here...

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Mie Pref. Shimashi Agochoushinmei 731 [ 지도 ]
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