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나기소마치 박물관南木曽町博物館


Nagano Pref. Kisogunnagisomachi Aduma 2190

phone 0264573322

Nagisomachi Museum (Tsumagojuku Honjin) 후기

TripAdvisor 후기 평가
게시일:2017/12/06 To learn more about this area, stopping here is a must.
We had a bit of a rainy day while we were in Tsumago in November. The museum was a welcome way to get out of the rain and learn about the history of this town and the surrounding area. A...
게시일:2016/12/07 Excellent
This is a good place to know the history and culture of Japan..... Nicely organized and managed.... I enjoyed.....
게시일:2016/03/15 A hidden surprise
We visited on a cold and wet day so already it was a plus to get in somewhere dry. We were the only Western visitors and a delightful young girl offered to guide us through the main part of the...

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Nagano Pref. Kisogunnagisomachi Aduma 2190 [지도]

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