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인도적 항구 쓰루가 뮤지엄人道の港 敦賀ムゼウム

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place Fukui Pref. Tsurugashi Kanegasakichou 1-44-1
phone 0770371035

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게시일:2018/11/28 Definitely worth visiting when in the area
Tsuruga is now a small town but was once a major port on the Japan Sea side of the country. The museum is small but very well done. You are invited to watch a 15 min introductory video upon entry...
게시일:2017/09/26 An Emotional Visit
This modest little museum depicts the role this modest port city played in to major humanitarian events before the US entered WW2. While it does little to diminish the spector of he savage, inhumane...
게시일:2017/09/17 Australian Travellers
The Port of Humanity Tsurga Museum is a must visit to learn the history of how Japan assisted in rehousing the Jewish and Polish children after the War. Only a small museum it houses and interesting...

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Fukui Pref. Tsurugashi Kanegasakichou 1-44-1 [지도]

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