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오쓰카 국제 미술관大塚国際美術館(休業中)


Tokushima Pref. Narutoshi Narutochoutosadomariura Fukuike 65-1 (도쿠시마・나루토지역)

phone 0886873737

Otsuka Museum of Art 후기

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게시일:2019/11/09 The best museum!
This museum has a lot of famous pictures with ceramic replicas.
The building and the site has enough space to walk around and appreciate objects at my own pace.
I went there on a weekday when it...
게시일:2019/09/11 Enjoy wonderful pictures around the world in one place
You can enjoy with family, couple, friends or solo here. There are three restaurants. and most of the pictures are made on the ceramic. You may surprise with the techniques.
I love the garden in...
게시일:2019/04/12 Not worth the admission
It is a beautiful space filled with copies. And the pieces selected to be copied are all western art and nearly all (97% or more) done by men. You will see one thousand pieces of art presenting a...

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Tokushima Pref. Narutoshi Narutochoutosadomariura Fukuike 65-1 [ 지도 ]
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          시코쿠 남동부 끝에 위치한 도쿠시마현은 아름다운 자연을 자랑하는 곳이자 일본인들이 사랑하는 아와오도리라는 역동적인 춤으로 유명하여 이를 위한 여름 축제가 매년 열리는 곳입니다. 도쿠야마 앞의 나루토 해협은 바닷물이 빠른 속도로 소용돌이치며, 인상적인 절벽이 늘어서 있는 내륙의 이야 계곡은 광활하고 생기 넘치는 풍경을 선사합니다.

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