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이시카와 현립 미술관石川県立美術館


Ishikawa Pref. Kanazawashi Dewamachi 2-1 (가나자와지역)

phone 0762317580

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게시일:2019/07/03 Beautiful local museum
Visited to soak in the local art and was pleasantly surprised by the high quality exhibits. The incense burners are particularly lovely in person, as are some of the other historic exhibits. The...
게시일:2019/04/25 Nice museum with high quality pastisserie and cafe
The temporary exibit withJapanese oil paintings was very nice and well worth a visit. Also the permanent exibit was nice. Dont wiss the cafe that make their own lovely pastisseries - really superb!
게시일:2018/11/22 An impressive small museum of regional crafts
We visited this museum, and enjoyed the displays of various arts - emphasis is on Decorative Arts. Display cases are nicely lit and organized. We bought two delightful Kutani tea cups and matching...

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Ishikawa Pref. Kanazawashi Dewamachi 2-1 [ 지도 ]
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          길고 폭이 좁은 형태의 이시카와현은 동해(일본해)를 따라 올라가다 노토 반도로 이어집니다. 서쪽 해안을 따라 늘어선 해안 도시의 압권 중 하나인 가나자와는 오래된 목조 찻집과 게이샤 문화, 아름다운 일본 정원 겐로쿠엔 덕에 “작은 교토”라고도 불립니다.

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