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가루이자와 장난감 왕국軽井沢おもちゃ王国


Gunma Pref. Agatsumaguntsumagoimura Omae Hosono 2277

phone 0279863515

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게시일:2017/08/30 Good place to visit with little kids
Nice place for children 10 years old and under with loads of activities and amusements to keep them occupied. For older kids it is not so interesting after a while. The park is getting tired but was...
게시일:2017/08/02 Summer vacation
Recommended to families who are planning to have a summer vacation in Karuizawa. A must see for families who have kids of any age range.
게시일:2017/07/27 Need a couple of days
There's plenty to do here regardless of the child's age, there's even funfair rides that kids as young as two can go on as long as they are accompanied by an adult. There is also a good woodland...

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Gunma Pref. Agatsumaguntsumagoimura Omae Hosono 2277 [지도]

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