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도도 안비와노유 온천湯々庵枇杷の湯


Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Asamaonsen 3-26-1 (마쓰모토・가미코치지역)

phone 0263461977

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게시일:2018/09/08 Quite difficult to find for us
This facility was in the Asama hot spring area. It was reccomended as a day onsen. The other day onsen was closed on the day we were in Matsumoto. It can be reached by bus from Matsumoto station with...
게시일:2018/06/17 Great spot. Family friendly
We loved this onset. It was our first in Japan and our kids were nervous about going nude, but we assured them it would be separated by gender and they did great. This place was so peaceful and...
게시일:2017/05/15 Wonderful Experience
Went for first time onsen experience.
The entry was ¥800. This had been recommended to us and is a public onsen. This has an indoor area and an outdoor pool with separate men and women's sections...

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Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Asamaonsen 3-26-1 [ 지도 ]
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