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나카마치도리 거리中町通り

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place Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Chuou 3-2-14
phone 0263361421

나카마치(中町) 거리 후기

TripAdvisor 후기 평가
게시일:2018/11/18 Very traditional buildings and small beautiful shops along the street
I like walk along this street whenever I visited Matsumoto.
Not only window shopping but also visiting and chatting with some of the favorite store master is our enjoyable moment together with my...
게시일:2018/11/03 Charming little street, but no real reason to linger
Nakamachi street stretches for about 300m. It is characterised by a number of small old storehouses with a geometric black-and-white design. They have been converted into shops. Although they look...
게시일:2018/10/21 Very limited; limited value
There are just a few houses, all harboring overexpensive shops for tourists. In 10 minutes one has a complete overview. Perhaps authentic (is it), but not very interesting.

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Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Chuou 3-2-14 [지도]

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