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수제 소바 노무라手打ちそば処 乃むら


기후현 오노군 시라카와무라 오기마치 779 (시라카와고지역)

phone 0576961508

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게시일:2018/08/27 Good handmade noodles in the village
Just passed by this restaurant when visiting Shirakawa village and had a try, and it turned out a good choice. It was a small and traditional family-run restaurant and only offered bar seating area...
게시일:2017/04/23 Quick food served, family-based noodle shop
Noodles offered were at fair price. The owner cooked the noodles on his own and sometime he will serve the customers too.
Good stop for a quick meal fix and they offer high quality noodles!
게시일:2015/12/26 Great eatery right in the village
So we happened upon this place because the kids got cold and hungry and just walked by it

Glad we did. The specialty is soba (buckwheat noodles) and the portions were generous and the taste wasnt...

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기후현 오노군 시라카와무라 오기마치 779 [ 지도 ]
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