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가마쿠라구 궁鎌倉宮

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place Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Nikaidou 154
phone 0467220318

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게시일:2017/01/03 "Hatsumode" new year visit to pray
Kamakuragu is not the most famous and popular shrines for new year visit to pray in Kamakura; but it is good. Not too crowded; but they have all elements as a Kamakura shrine. It is sufficiently...
게시일:2016/07/28 Fantastic way to spend a morning and avoid the crowds
This shrine is a great place to avoid crowds and have a garden walk. It isn't overly commercial and focused on different ways to part tourists from their money; seems more focused on groomed gardens...
게시일:2016/07/18 beautiful green and peaceful place
This is quite a recent shrine in Kamakura, built during the Meiji period to commemorate Prince Morinaga, who was imprisoned and executed here. It thereby glorifies loyalty to the Emperor. It is quite...

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Kanagawa Pref. Kamakurashi Nikaidou 154 [지도]

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