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place Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Marunouchi 1-9-1 JR East Tokyo Station B1F inside the ticket gate GRANSTA
phone 0352204560

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게시일:2016/03/30 Awesome chocolates and ice cream
Menu is limited , however the quality is high!
We tried the waffles with strawberry and chocolate ice cream. Heaven!
The Chocolate parfait are just as good too! Soft, not too sweet and taste very...
게시일:2015/05/13 Best Chocolate Soft Serve I've Had!
To kill two birds (waffles and ice cream) in one stone, I instinctively picked the waffles.There are two categories here:one is Marcolini Waffles and Simple Waffles. The menu did not explicitly...
게시일:2015/03/29 World's best macaroons
My favorite macaroons in the whole world, and no longer necessary to go to Paris for them :) A great choice of exciting flavours and colors to choose from here, with the perfect texture of crunchy...


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