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스페인 요리

이시카와현 카나자와시 바쿠로마치 67 (가나자와지역)

phone 0762258681

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게시일:2019/10/01 My best food experience in japan
If I had one option to give a six star rank, I wouldve probably give it to this restaurant.
Every single detail was precise!
First, when we came in we were charmed by the clean, modern and...
게시일:2019/09/28 This should be featured in chefs table!
I would give 6 stars if I could! We had lunch here and every bite of the eight course menu was exceptionally delicious. What I loved most was that they use mostly local produce from Ishigawa! Its a...
게시일:2019/07/14 The best of the best.....
Many of you undoubtedly have visited highly rated restaurants and have been disappointed. However, read all the five star reviews of Respiracion, praising this restaurant to the heavens, add 10% and...

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          주변의 역 는 없습니다. 주변의 버스 정류장 는 없습니다. 주변의 주차 는 없습니다. 주변의 교환 는 없습니다.
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          길고 폭이 좁은 형태의 이시카와현은 동해(일본해)를 따라 올라가다 노토 반도로 이어집니다. 서쪽 해안을 따라 늘어선 해안 도시의 압권 중 하나인 가나자와는 오래된 목조 찻집과 게이샤 문화, 아름다운 일본 정원 겐로쿠엔 덕에 “작은 교토”라고도 불립니다.

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