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kamadotakitategohandoi Kyoto Sta. Hachijoguchi竈炊き立てごはん土井 京都駅八条口店

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place Kyoto Kyoutoshi Shimogyou-ku Higashishiokoujitakakurachou 8-3JR Tokai Kyoto Station premises 1FASTY in the load
phone 0756348545

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게시일:2017/11/28 Bad experience
I had a dinner at this restaurant at the Kyoto Station today. The meal was all good, until when I was stepping out to the cashier with a yuzu jelly that was included in my meal. The staff (slim and...
게시일:2016/08/30 Pickles Buffet!
This station does not have as many restaurants as Tokyo station, but this place is a winner.
Rice and miso soup are unlimited refills ..both were absolutely delelicious.

There is a small...
게시일:2018/12/01 京都駅でお漬物


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