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cafe Hohokamcafe Hohokam(カフェホホカム)

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place 도쿄도 시부야구 진구마에 3-22-14 오릭스 진구마에 3쵸메 빌딩 B 동 2F
phone 0357755708

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게시일:2018/03/22 Excellent burger on Harajuku's main drag
Cafe Hohokam is located in a back alley off of Takeshita-Dori. Walking down Takeshita-Dora I got a hunger attack and by luck noticed Cafe Hohokam. My wife and I ordered the cheese burger. The...
게시일:2017/09/06 Lunch with friends
I am a regular of Hohokam in Harajuku. It is a back alley burger house, located on the second floor of a building with a spacious terrace. Burgers are well done, served with potato chips. Nice and...
게시일:2017/02/14 Tasty burger but not so jucy as expected
I had mushroom and mozzarella burger and cram chowder there. Taste was good enough but my expectation was too much and I was disappointed a little bit.
However, the foods and shop atmosphere were...


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