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Susaki料亭 洲さき


4-14, Shinmeimachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu, 506-0821

phone 0577320023

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게시일:2017/04/22 If you can afford it dont leave Takayama without eating here!
I dont consider this restaurant pricey for what they delivered. This was not only a top end meal experience. The setting is serene and exquisite. The service and welcoming extraordinary. The meal...
게시일:2015/04/29 If you go to Takayama, do yourself a favour and go to Susaki. Its 10X the price of anything else and worth every yen.
One of the best meals of my life - for 13,000 yen (around £75), you get an exquisite 11 course meal (originally apparently it was 30 courses - which I cant even imagine) in a private room where...
게시일:2017/12/26 京町家風の外観の旅館です

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