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orafuku asha (多ら福 亜紗)

 0958328678  Nagasaki Pref. Nagasakishi Aburayamachi 2-6

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게시일:2017/01/01 추천 추천 이자카야
스시고조에서 추천받아 간 곳.
영어메뉴없고 직원도 영어 못하지만
사진만 보고시켜도 정말 무엇이든 맛있음.
양도 나쁘지 않음.
계란말이, 샐러드, 튀김, 심지어 구운 오니기리까지.
12.31일이라 그런지 12시까지 밖에 안했어요.
게시일:2018/08/07 Delicious izakaya
As expected, very good food izakaya for our last night in Nagasaki after we visited the romantic view by the ropeway.
Everything was delicious !
게시일:2018/08/07 Racist behaviour
What many testimonies say about this restaurant is damn true. I just tried to enter, there were free seats, and they didn´t let me in ( i am a white guy from spain ). I insisted and the girl in at...
게시일:2018/08/03 Excellent food and friendly, kind service!
I was looking for a restaurant suitable for my 2 year-old daughter, not for tourists, and having ambient atmosphere. When I got into the restaurant, I found myself that this restaurant ticks all the...
게시일:2018/06/19 Excellent dinner. Worth the wait
Nagasaki black beef here is as good as it is reputed to be. A must have. So is the unagi with steamed rice and tempura. The godon salad is different and very refreshing. Plus the fried Camembert...

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