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place Tokyo Toshima-ku Higashikebukuro 1-28-10 Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro 8F
phone 0339806111

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게시일:2018/08/24 You have to visit us meow!
You have to pay a fee to enter the cat cafe. The cafe was easy to locate as it is just beside Sunshine City. It is in the Tokyu hands building. There are lots of merchandise for you to look at...
게시일:2016/05/22 That pop culture hype not everybody understands.
Cat Cafes are discussed and promoted all over the internet. This is one of them...
The place is somewhere behind Sunshine City. I say somewhere because you need quite some imagination to read all the...
게시일:2015/11/22 If you like cats!
This is a, Cat House. You pay a fee and you get to watch, interact and okay with the cats. Honestly the cats are interactive amongst themselves but not as much with the visitors. They are probably...


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