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게시일:2018/06/19 Wonderful park
Great place to walk and run. Different plants in bloom at different times of year - plum trees and cherry trees in spring, irises in June, other bushes and trees later. Bamboo grove. Playgrounds and...
게시일:2017/03/18 This is one of the most beautiful and verdant urban parks I have had the pleasure to see.
Like Central Park NYC in spring. It has a similar feel. Hilly, beautifully landscaped but with large groves of tall trees and large bamboo woods. We were fortunate to be there for the spring Sakura...
게시일:2016/11/15 Great spot for a relaxing spot of fresh air.
This is the gem of Hirakata. This is a perfect spot for walking, running or biking and is seldom crowded. It offers scenic beauty in the form of a large lake filled with waterbirds, and many...

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