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산삐아자 수족관サンピアザ水族館


홋카이도 삿포로시 아츠베츠구 아츠베츠츄오 2죠5쵸메7-5 (삿포로지역)

phone 0118902455

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게시일:2018/10/31 Petite Aquarium
It was a petite aquarium. We brought our 3 toddlers and a baby here since it was rainy day.

Although the tour was very short, about 2 hours; but our kids enjoyed looking at the big octopus, the...
게시일:2017/04/25 Don't go here unless you want to be depressed
Two sea lions circulate in a tiny, empty tank. Back and forth all day. Two river otters are also in a very small space with only a tube of water. You can tell the animals are very stressed and...
게시일:2013/03/01 Nice place for a toddler
I don't usually like places like this, but the zoo was closed and the parks are just full of snow, I decided to visit the aquarium. Well, surprisingly, we ended spending half a day there and going...

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