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이즈 오시마 카잔 박물관伊豆大島火山博物館


도쿄도 오시마마치 모토마치 (이즈 7도・오가와사라 제도지역)

phone 0499224103

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게시일:2015/06/16 better than you think it'll be
The museum was better than I was expecting. There are news stories in print and video with stories about not only Mt Mihara, but also other major eruptions around the world. There is also some rock...
게시일:2015/04/13 worth time spent on island
we spent 2 days on island, 1st day mostly at the resort then next day we went here for a hot spring.

the place looks old, it seems need to be refurbish. the hot spring pool is great, facing the...
게시일:2018/08/10 駐車場に注意

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