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Indian cuisine Ganesh ujinaインド料理ガネーシュ 宇品店

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place Hiroshima Pref. Hiroshimashiminamiku Ujinakaigan 1-13-26
phone 0822547565

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게시일:2018/06/04 Solid Indian food, great escape from Grand Prince hotel
Located on the first floor of the Harbour building. Just a 15 min stroll from the Grand Prince hotel (with way too expensive restaurants).
Interior:indian style restaurant
게시일:2018/01/12 Indian restaurant in Japan
Was public holiday and just needed to find a place within reach from the hotel to eat.
Indian restaurant in Japan, why not. Its okay, nothing special about it.
게시일:2015/10/26 Good for any time
The staffs are nice and food,too. If you dont eat so much, youd need to share a meal with your friend or family. Naans are great and large so be careful when you come here alone and order it. You...


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