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기타 이자카야
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place Shizuoka Pref. Itoushi Higashimatsubarachou 10-2
phone 0557379186

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게시일:2018/09/17 Mouth watering delicious!
Outstanding food and extraordinary kind service. What a lovely meal. As soon as I walked in as a foreigner, they assumed I was from K’s House and handed me a photographic set menu. There was no need...
게시일:2018/07/06 Fresh and delicious
Huge menu selection, good prices so can try a variety of meals and share across the table. A few odd choices for the adventurous ones (crocodile, frog legs etc.) Buckwheat crust pizza (gluten free...
게시일:2017/11/20 Warm, welcoming, DELICIOUS
Phenomenal example of a mom & pop style izakaya. The owners were incredibly kind and attentive. And above all the food and drinks were incredible! Highly recommended to anyone who visits - foreigners...


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남쪽으로는 거대한 태평양이, 북쪽으로는 엄청난 후지산이 있는 시즈오카현은 일본 최고의 경치를 자랑하는 축복받은 곳입니다. 이즈 반도의 새하얀 백사장은 그 옆으로 아름다운 절벽과 언덕, 천연 온천 등이 자리한 일본 본토에서도 보기 드문 곳입니다. 시즈오카현은 일본 최대의 녹차 생산지로, 넓게 펼쳐진 녹차 밭과 전통 다도 행사를 주최하는 옛날 찻집에 이르기까지 곳곳에서 오랜 다도 전통을 엿볼 수 있습니다.

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