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드라이브 인

Gifu Pref. Onogunshirakawamura Ogimachi 2671-1

phone 0576961506

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게시일:2018/09/11 Traditional Japanese meal in a Thatched-Roof building.
During our visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Village of Shirakawa-go our guide suggested lunch in this Zashiki style restaurant with low tables and tatami flooring. The service was excellent and the...
게시일:2017/05/04 Racist Japanese lady staff
The lady from this restaurant prohibited me from taking photos of the houses around for literally no reasons. There was a group of 20 Japanese tourists at the same area, but we were only one not...
게시일:2016/06/29 A good last stop
Its quite a big restaurant, away from the most touristy part of the town but tour buses stop there. You can eat Hida beef with miso there; the set menu comes with all sorts of delicious pickles...

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