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우츠노미야 동물원宇都宮動物園

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place 토치기켄 우츠노미야시 카미카나이마치 552-2
phone 0286653257

Utsunomiy Zoo 후기

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게시일:2017/09/16 Not worth it outside of cherry blossom season
The zoo has some of the best cherry blossoms in Utsunomiya, totally worth paying for the ticket. As a zoo, however, hmmm... definitely no. Some of the enclosures are way too small, especially the...
게시일:2015/03/08 Down time
Visited zoo on our day off on business travel. Giraffe exhibit was really neat as you could feed them. Looks like they are trying to spice up the grounds. Lots of families there. Little ride...
게시일:2013/08/06 Although its small
This zoo is located in north utsunomiya which is close to utsunomiya IC. Even though this zoo is small compare to Ueno zoo in Tokyo, there are so many animals we could see. Many shops and restaurants...


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