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여관 메이 류旅館名龍


아이치현 나고야시 나카구 가미마에즈 2쵸메4-21 (나고야지역)

phone 0523318686

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게시일:2016/10/07 Very nice ryokan in a good location
I wanted to stay in a traditional hostel during my first trip to Japan. Meiryu is a nice place to stay, very close to the Kamimaezu subway station. The room was very comfortable and the staff is very...
게시일:2015/07/08 Excellent Accommodations
First of all the staff, while only one speaks English, are extremely polite and helpful to travelers. I had planned to visit the Toyota Museum and already had a map, but one of the staff did their...
게시일:2015/06/13 Helpful, friendly and located for easy travel
I stayed here for 5 days in November 2014. Yamada san and family were especially helpful when i had to navigate the city with minimal Japanese. Yamada san would print out the directions with...

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          아이치현은 아름다운 자연경관을 지닌 곳으로, 그 한가운데에 있는 나고야시는 미로 같은 지하상가와 17세기에 지어진 나고야성이 있는 부산한 도시입니다. 역사가 풍부한 아이치현은 성이 많은 곳이지만 역사광이 가장 끌릴 만한 요소는 단연 20세기 초의 건물들을 웅장한 모습 그대로 보존해 야외에 전시해놓은 메이지무라 박물관일 것입니다.

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