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요시지마 집주택吉島家住宅

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place 기후현 타카야마시 오신마치 1쵸메51
phone 0577320038

Yoshijima Heritage House 후기

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게시일:2018/11/04 Insight to a well do to family
This house owned by a merchant is large for its day. It has been well maintained with various artefacts on display. I note other comments on visits as it being sparse, however whilst this is true it...
게시일:2018/04/11 Visit to old times
We visited this house on a wet day. The staff allowed us to hang up our coats to dry while we walked around. The house belonged to a merchant and housed business and family. There is an upstairs and...
게시일:2017/12/13 Japanese living in feudal days
What a wonderful treasure to be able to see how merchants lived back in olden times. Well worth the visit


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