Guide to JR Line (Shinkansen and Limited Express) Ticket Booking Service (How to operate the application screen)

Detailed guide on screen navigation

0.About your browser in use

  • When using iPhone/iPad with Safari browser, purchases cannot be made in private browsing mode

  • Please check this page for other operating systems and browsers that are guaranteed to work.

1.Select your desired train

  • Please specify the following and search for trains, then select the train you wish to board from the list displayed.

    1. Boarding date
    2. Boarding station ・Destination station
    3. Number of passengers
  • Maximum of 4 trains can be selected. If you wish to add a train, please modify the travel date and route, then perform a new train search.Even for round-trip tickets, please select each way separately.

  • Please note that if the number of passengers varies for each train or if you wish to apply for six or more individuals, simultaneous application for all may not be possible

  • Search and select trains starting from the same date one month before the departure date (e.g., for departures on 3/29, 3/30, 3/31, 5/31, 7/31, 8/31, and 10/31, selection is available from the 1st of the same month).

  • Applications for trains on the day of departure or the next day are not accepted.

  • You can choose between reserved seats in ordinary cars, non-reserved seats, or designated seats in the Green Car. Express tickets will be arranged accordingly

2-1. Selecting how to receive tickets

  • Shinkansen and limited express tickets can be picked up at the station.

  • We will send you a QR code to pick up at the station.

  • The stations where you can pick up the ticket are limited to stations equipped with automated ticket machines operated by JR East, JR Central, and JR Hokkaido, as well as the stops along the JR West's Hokuriku Shinkansen

  • Enter the station name in the input box below and check if the station is eligible for ticket pickup

  • When picking up at Shin-Osaka Station, Kyoto Station, the ticket can only be received at JR Central's automated ticket machines. Please note that you cannot pick up your ticket at JR West's ticket machines.

2-2.Customer Information

  • Please provide the following information to apply for tickets.

    1. Customer's Full Name
    2. Contact phone number
    3. Contact email address
  • Please be careful as any errors in customer information can cause significant problems such as being unable to receive tickets, log in to the reservation confirmation page, or verify inquiry details.

3.Final confirmation of boarding day, train, fare, and customer information:

  • Please verify that there are no errors in your application details.

    1. Boarding date
    2. Selected train
    3. Seat type
    4. Total amount
    5. Customer's Full Name
    6. Contact phone number
    7. Contact email address
  • Please be careful as any errors in customer information can cause significant problems such as being unable to receive tickets, log in to the reservation confirmation page, or verify inquiry details.

4.Application for Payment and Ticket Arrangement:

  • When paying by credit card, please enter the information below. After pressing the "Apply" button, you will make a credit card payment. After completing the payment, you will be returned to the same screen, but your application will be finalized, so please do not close the screen and wait until the application completion screen opens.

    1. Credit Card number
    2. Security code
    3. Card Expiry Date
    4. Cardholder name

5.Confirmation on the application completion screen

  • Once you proceed to the application completion screen and the payment is confirmed, the application is considered finalized upon the display of the confirmation message. The details are as follows

    1. The "Application ID" is required for log into the reservation confirmation page.
    2. Boarding date
    3. Selected train
    4. Seat type
    5. Total amount
    6. Customer's Full Name
    7. Contact phone number
    8. Contact email address
  • Please note that reserved seats and green car seats are not guaranteed, nor are tickets issued at the time of application completion.

  • Notification of seat availability, ticket issuance, and a QR code for ticket exchange at the station will be done within our business hours.

  • We also send an 'Application Completion Email' at the time of application completion. Since this screen cannot be redisplayed, please also make sure that you have received the application completion email.

  • From this screen and from the 'Application Completion' email, you will have access to login in to the next page to confirm your reservation

6.Verification on the reservation confirmation page

  • Open the link provided in the application completion screen or within the completion email grants easy access to the reservation confirmation page

  • You can verify the following information on the reservation confirmation page.

    1. Application ID
    2. Ticket issuance status
    3. QR Code to collect your ticket at the station.
    4. Boarding date
    5. Selected train
    6. Seat type
    7. Total amount
    8. Customer's Full Name
    9. Contact phone number
    10. Contact email address
  • You can also use the following features:

    1. Issuance of receipts
    2. Contact form display
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