Guide to JR Line (Shinkansen and Limited Express) Ticket Booking Service (Reservation confirmation page for checking application details and issuing receipts)

(Application Confirmation) Reservation Confirmation Page

  • Please log in by using the link below. You will need the "Application ID" provided at the time of application and your "Phone Number."

  • You can verify the following information on the reservation confirmation page.

    1. Application ID
    2. Ticket issuance status
    3. QR Code to collect your ticket at the station.
    4. Boarding date
    5. Selected train
    6. Seat type
    7. Total amount
    8. Customer's Full Name
    9. Contact phone number
    10. Contact email address
  • You can also use the following features:

    1. Issuance of receipts
    2. Contact form display
  • Receipts will be issued after ticket issuance is completed. If we are unable to issue tickets due to fullness or other reasons, we will issue a full refund and no receipt will be issued.

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