Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival

A traditional ritual conducted for 15 days each year from July 1 at Kushida-jinja Shrine, this festival boasts over 700 years of history. There are many theories as to the origins of the festival, but one of the most likely is that it got its start in 1241 when the monk Shoichi Kokushi, founder of the Shotenji Temple, prayed for the elimination of a plague, climbed on a wooden alter, and had it dragged around Hakata as he scattered holy water. On the first day, a shime-oroshi ceremony is held to purify the area and pray for safety during the festival. Then a goshin-ire ceremony is held to invite the gods into the yamagasa festival floats. This is followed by a display of the gorgeous festival floats decorated with Hakata dolls and carvings, finally announcing the start of the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival. After the oshioi-tori ceremony on the ninth day, the entire city gets wrapped up in the mood on the 10th day when the kaki-yamagasa floats begin to be carried around. The oi-yamagasa event is held on the last day of the festival-must-see, gallant men carrying the floats race around Hakata with all their strength.

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Fukuoka Pref. Fukuokashihakataku Kamikawabatamachi 1-41
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Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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