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Nagahama Hikiyama Festival長浜曳山まつり


One of Japan's three greatest traditional parade float festivals, the Nagahama Hikiyama Festival is also registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. The festival is said to have got its start in the Azuchi-Momoyama period when the mighty samurai Toyotomi Hideyoshi was blessed with his first son and had 12 huge floats paraded around at the annual festival of Hachimangu Shrine. A variety of events are held during the festival, such as a hadaka-mairi event in which young men journey to the shrine half-naked; the yakusha yu-watari parade featuring children actors wearing gorgeous traditional costumes; and the highlight of the festival, a children's kabuki theater performance. On the final night of the festival, dazzling hikiyama parade floats turn the night sky red with their paper lanterns in a beautiful and magical display.

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place Shiga Pref. Nagahamashi Miyamaechou Around
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Shiga Pref. Nagahamashi Miyamaechou Around [map]



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Visitors to Shiga prefecture are almost always hopping east across the prefectural border from Kyoto, and they are almost certainly Lake Biwa-bound. Covering an area of 670 square kilometers, Lake Biwa makes up the bulk of Shiga prefecture, with beautiful lakeside paths that offer myriad walking and cycling opportunities, connecting a string of museums, shrines, and picturesque views that finally lead you to Hikone Castle on the eastern side of the lake.