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Kanomizu no Kakeodori寒水の掛踊


This traditional event, held on the second Saturday and Sunday in September, has been conducted at Hakusan-jinja Shrine in Kanomizu district for some 300 years. Taking on various traditional roles of Kamishimo, Nengi, Kagitori, Otomo, Oridaiko and Okame etc. over 100 local men offer forth a grand kake-odori dance performance. The portion of the programing involving four young men wielding 3.6 meter long bamboo shinai decorated with flowers is particularly worth seeing.

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place Gifu Pref. Gujoushi Meihoukanomizu 1203-1
phone 0575872844



Gifu Pref. Gujoushi Meihoukanomizu 1203-1 [map]



2018/9/8-9 12:00-16:00Scheduled
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