Kotohiragu Shrine Festival

The most important and serious of all the festivals held at Kotohiragu Shrine, this unique Shinto festival is conducted over a 46 day period from August 31 to October 15. Attracting many visitors and worshipers each year, some of the most important events of the festival include the festival eve vigil and its traditional dance performance by women, the main shrine ritual in which a traditional Yamato dance is offered to the gods, and a ritual parade carrying a sacred object out of the shrine to tour the city which consists of several hundred people extending across two kilometers.

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Kogaira-machi Nakadata-gun Kagawa Prefecture map map Map
[10/9] 16:00 Start
[10/10] 10:00 Start (Shun Festival)
[10/10] 16:00 Start (example festival)
[10/11] 10:00 Start (Shinko festival mikoshi development)
[10/11] 14:00 Start (Yokomi Morning festival)
[10/11] 16:00 Start (Reverend Shosha Binomial ceremony)
[10/11] 21:00 Start
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Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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