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Chikugo River Fireworks Festival筑後川花火大会


One of the largest fireworks displays in West Japan, this beloved historic festival started in 1650 as a purification rite for Suitengu-jinja Shrine. The Chikugo River Fireworks Festival, launches around 18,000 fireworks from the two staging areas of Sasayama and Kyomachi. The various fireworks sets, including aerial Niagara Falls, starmines, and special effect fireworks blooming high above the Chikugo River delight many spectators.

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place Fukuoka Pref. Kurumeshi Senoshitamachi
phone 0942323207



Fukuoka Pref. Kurumeshi Senoshitamachi [map]



Number of fireworks
18,000 shots
Paid spectator seating
Not available
Average attendance
In case of stormy weather
Held if light rain/Postponed in bad weather
Reserved date:2018/8/7, 8/9, 8/11

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The most northerly of Kyushu island's prefectures, Fukuoka comprises castle towns, seaside parks, and Hakata ramen, one of Japan's most famous noodle dishes. Whether due to its good location or its unique charm, the prefecture's capital, Fukuoka city, has been voted one of the most desirable places to live in the country—a close-knit community, a thriving food scene, and accessible nature combine for irresistibly laid-back city vibes.