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Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks長岡まつり大花火大会


Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks is one of the top three fireworks festivals of Japan. This historic fireworks festival is held in memory of the deceased from the Nagaoka air raid, restoration and with prayers for peace. The festival kicks off with the memorial fireworks at the exact hour on August 1 when the Nagaoka air raid started and continues on August 2 and 3. The highlights of this spectacular festival include the successive three powerful shosanshakudama (35 inch shells), and the Phoenix rising with the prayers for restoration, which requires a launch site 1.7 kilometers wide, and the Komehyappyo fireworks with 100 powerful shakudamas launched successively.

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place Niigata Prefecture Nagaoka-shi Chosei Hashigashi River riverbed
phone 0258390823



Niigata Prefecture Nagaoka-shi Chosei Hashigashi River riverbed [map]



2018/08/02(Thursday), 08/03(Friday)
Number of fireworks
20,000 shots
Paid spectator seating
Average attendance
In case of stormy weather
Held if light rain
Parking Lot

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