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Tsuyama Castle津山城(鶴山公園)


This park was created around the ruins of Tsuyama Castle—one of Japan’s Great Three Hill Castles—and its 45-meter-high stone wall still exists today. It is popular as a hanami (flower-viewing) spot, as it is one of western Japan’s best locations, even being selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots. The view of a thousand trees including Yoshino cherries, double-flowered cherries and North Japanese hill cherries blossoming in front of the stone wall and rebuilt Bichu tower is awe-inspiring. The Tsuyama Cherry Blossom Festival is held early to mid-April, when the trees are highlighted with nighttime illumination. The mysterious beauty of nighttime cherry blossoms as seen from the keep is a view worth seeing at least once. Hours are from 8:40 to 19:00 (During the Festival, 7:30–22:00). The admission fee is 300 yen for adults. Entrance is free for children in junior high school or younger. Toilets, shops and paid parking available.


Okayama Pref. Tsuyamashi Sange 135 (Tsuyama / MimasakaArea)

phone 0868224572

[During the Cherry Blossom Festival]7:30-22:00

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Okayama Pref. Tsuyamashi Sange 135 [ map ]
Tsuyama / MimasakaArea
Flowering state of cherry blossoms
the end
Cherry blossom forecast
Late Mar.-Early Apr.
[During the Cherry Blossom Festival]7:30-22:00
Parking Lot
Available (500yen/1Times 30spaces)
※ Temporary parking space during Sakura Festival Available
Night viewing
Available (during Sakura Festival)
Public toilets
Available (only during Sakura Festival)
Number of trees
Someiyoshino, Yaezakura, Oyamazakura, Higanzakura, Hill cherry blossom, Jindai Akebono
0868-22-4572 (Tsuyama Castle Tsuruyama park ticket office)
0868-22-3310 (Tsuyama Tourist Center)

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          Overshadowed by Hiroshima to the west and the Kansai region to the east, Okayama is an easy spot to miss but a nature-rich gem where the Seto Inland Sea laps at its toes and peach and grape farms complete its interior. One of Japan’s Three Great Gardens, Koraku-en in Okayama city is well worth a visit before progressing to Kurashiki, where preserved wooden Edo buildings line the picturesque canal.

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