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Nishiyama Park西山公園


Nishiyama Park is an urban park in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture that is famous for its azaleas. The Park has grass lawns, an adventure playground, observation platforms, the Nishiyama Zoo, and a Japanese-style garden. From early April until mid-April there are around 1,000 Yoshino, hill cherry and weeping cherry trees in flower in the Park, making it a very popular place for cherry blossom viewing. When the cherry trees are in full bloom, the cherry blossom is illuminated until 21:00. Nishiyama Park has been selected for inclusion in the list of the Top 100 Historic Gardens in Japan, and visitors can enjoy both the evening views of the cherry blossom and the Park’s other scenic delights. Toilets and parking available (parking is free for the first two hours).

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place Fukui Pref. Sabaeshi Sakuramachi 3-7-20
phone 0778532239



Fukui Pref. Sabaeshi Sakuramachi 3-7-20 [map]



Flowering state of cherry blossoms
the end
Cherry blossom forecast
Early Apr.-Mid-Apr.
open everyday
Parking Lot
Available (Free 130spaces)
* Charge parking space available on adjacent grounds Available
Night viewing
Not available
Public toilets
Available (Road Station)
Number of trees
Someiyoshino, Shidarezakura (Yaezakura kind), Amazakura (Oyamazakura)

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