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Nukabira Gensen Goぬかびら源泉郷

Hot Spring / Hot Spring Bath

A hot spring district located in Kamishihoro Town, itself situated at the foot of the eastern mountains of Japan's largest national park, Daisetsuzan National Park. Nukabira means person-shaped rock in the indigenous Ainu language. Here visitors can take in the magnificent natural scenery created by a range of 2,000 meter tall mountains. The history of this hot spring district dates back to the early Taisho period, and the abundant volume of piping hot water it generates is utilized to constantly replenish the waters of hot spring baths here kakenagashi style. In the time when there were no ski slopes or rail lines, the district prospered as the leading hot spring destination in the Doto area. The temperature of the area's colorless sodium-chloride and hydrogen carbonate springs (alkaline springs) ranges somewhat high, between 50 and 60° C. Because this area is situated on ground higher than the more urban parts of Hokkaido, in winter the temperature drops precipitously, making the hot springs found here an indispensable natural blessing.


Hokkaido Kato-gun Kamishihoro Cho Nukabira Gensen Go (Obihiro / TokachiArea)

phone 0156477272

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Hokkaido Kato-gun Kamishihoro Cho Nukabira Gensen Go [ map ]
Obihiro / TokachiArea
Water type
sodium-chloride/hydrogen carbonate springs, simple springetc
Temperature of spring
nerve pain, muscle soreness, joint pain, aid recovery from fatigue, sensitivity to cold, Bruises, chronic digestive diseases, chronic skin diseases, Hemorrhoids, chronic women's diseasesetc
Number of source springs
Number of public baths
Number of day trip bathhouses

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          Not just a prefecture but an island of its own, Hokkaido is the most northerly prefecture and island of the Japanese archipelago. Arriving in Hokkaido, which is rural and bursting with breathtaking nature, means entering a world where vast national parks, towering mountains, and natural hot springs can be found at every turn. Come December, these natural splendors freeze over and morph into a winter wonderland.

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