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Mt. Washu鷲羽山


A 133 meter tall mountain located in Setonaikai National Park, known as Japan's first national park. The mountain came to be called “Washu” (“eagle wing”) because it resembles an eagle's outstretched wings. From high up on the mountain, visitors can get a sweeping view of the calm Seto Inland Sea and the 50-some islands of various sizes which dot its waters, as well as the Seto-ohashi Bridge. The view from here at night is particularly beautiful and has also been selected as one of Japan's 100 best sunsets.

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place Kurashiki-shi, Okayama-ken



Kurashiki-shi, Okayama-ken [map]

This mountain, with its unequaled view of the beautiful islands of the Seto Inland Sea, got its name from the way it looks like an eagle spreading its wings to fly out over the Seto. When you reach the summit, Shoshuho, you can see 250 degrees, from Harimadana in the east to Mizushimanada in the west. Mt. Washu offers a taste of the essential scenery of the Seto Inland Sea National Park, Japan's first National Park, and is especially known for its gorgeous sunsets. It's been selected one of Japan's Top 100 Sunsets. The trail is well maintained all the way to the summit, and the branches are well marked so there's no fear of getting lost.

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Okayama Main Areas


Overshadowed by Hiroshima to the west and the Kansai region to the east, Okayama is an easy spot to miss but a nature-rich gem where the Seto Inland Sea laps at its toes and peach and grape farms complete its interior. One of Japan's Three Great Gardens, Koraku-en in Okayama city is well worth a visit before progressing to Kurashiki, where preserved wooden Edo buildings line the picturesque canal.