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Mt. Chausu (茶臼岳)


The highest peak in the Nasu Mountain Range. The mountain is in fact an active volcano and white smoke continues to spew from its back. A gondola can be ridden up to the ninth station of the mountain; from there, it's a 40 to 50 minute walk to reach the top. The view from the mountaintop is truly stunning. Depending on the weather, you might even be able to see a sea of clouds covering everything below. The mountain is also a popular destination to enjoy fall foliage in autumn.


Tochigi Pref. Nasugunnasumachi Yumoto (Nasu / Shiobara / OhtawaraArea)

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Tochigi Pref. Nasugunnasumachi Yumoto [map]
Nasu / Shiobara / OhtawaraArea
Mine no Chaya / Mt. Chausu Climbing Course: This trail leads from Toge no Chaya (site of old mine office) and goes by the Mine no Chaya ruins, Mt. Chausu, Sancho and Sanroku stations. This is one of the most popular courses around Nasu. You can enjoy a sight of smoke rising from the peak of Mt. Chausu. On your path to Mine no Chaya, the path starts out as a dirt trail through the woods, and then you climb a rock and pebble path. The Mine no Chaya shelter has space for about 15 people to rest, but overnight stays are forbidden. The area around Mine no Chaya is also famous for strong winds, so if you feel the wind is getting to be too much, it's best to find shelter.
Mt. Chausu Summit Course: This trail leads to the summit using a ropeway to take you from the foot of the mountain to the eighth station. This is more of a hiking course than mountain climbing. There is a well-maintained trail once you leave the ropeway, as well. Nasu is famous for its pebbly, slippery footing, so it's dangerous to try climbing with flat-soled shoes. Stumbling could also cause rockfalls, so be sure to wear good climbing shoes. If you come when the weather is good, even elementary school kids can climb with ease, making this a great family mountain. There aren't any toilets along the trail, though, so it's best to use the ones at the Nasu Ropeway Summit Station before you set out.

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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          Most visits to Tochigi revolve around Nikko, a small city home to the spectacular, lavishly decorated Toshogu Shrine and Nikko National Park with its mountains, lakes, waterfalls, onsen, and wild monkeys. Neighboring Oku-Nikko is an extension of the fantastic scenery famous for its autumn leaves, while Tochigi's capital, Utsunomiya, is the only place in the world where you can find oya stone beautifully exhibited in temples and the Oya History Museum.